Oxymedic is a certified disinfectant manufactured from biological substances, which introduces a unique solution for the elimination of dangerous viruses and bacteria in a wide range of fields.

Examples of benefits in healthcare facilities:
- Reducing the incidence of nosocomial infections
- Reducing the cost of antibiotics
- A significant decrease in odors arising in individual wards

Examples of benefits in school settings:
- Oxymedic has been successfully tested for human skin and eye irritation in accordance with OECD principles of good laboratory practice and European Commission regulations.
- Safe, even in cases of accidental ingestion

Examples of benefits within industry:
- No need for protective equipment
- Decrease in morbidity of personnel
- No problems upon contact with lacquered surfaces

Benefits for use on skin:
- Creates safe home environment - high prevention rate
- Disinfection of toys, shopping, rooms and personal hygiene
- It does not remove the protective skin layer
- It does not contribute to skin diseases in any way