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which doctors use at home

Disinfectant which doctors use at home

A combination of natural products and modern technology, which effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria

Oxymedic has been successfully tested for human skin and eye irritation in accordance with OECD principles of good laboratory practice and European Commission regulations.

Oxymedic products

Medical quality

The virucidal efficacy of active substance of Oxymedic against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) have been confirmed by the World Health Organization

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Guarantee of effective and gentle disinfection, free of alcohol and chemicals.

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Biological composition

Due to the biological origin of its components, Oxymedic represents a ideal protection of human health

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Oxymedic protects our health and the environment in which we live

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About the product

Thanks to their strong oxidizing effects, they destroy harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores and prevent their emergence of resistance (resistance to repeated disinfection). They do not irritate eyes or respiratory tract and are pleasant to the skin.

It is a Slovak-made product of European quality.

Certified medical grade disinfectant

With its unique composition and modern processing preparation technology, Oxymedic is an above-standard disinfection solution designed for healthcare facilities, companies and TOP household disinfection.

Protection without chemicals

Oxymedic is produced by the physical treatment of molecules of biological substances, whose compounds are separated from each other in the production process. Subsequently, only those biological combinations are isolated from them which are many times structurally more stable, more effective for the elimination of viruses and bacteria and acceptable to the human body.


  • 2004 Many years in development, a patent was applied for in 2004 for a unique process of manufacturing a biocidal product.
  • 2004 - 2014 A ten year period was used to eliminate any deficiencies, construct technological equipment in accordance with European standards, and product testing.
  • In 2014, a product with a certified production facility was put on the market.
  • Today, the product is primarily used in the healthcare industry, where statutory requirements for cleanliness of the environment are routinely checked for compliance.

Medical facilities

Oxymedic meets all disinfection standards to ensure cleanliness in healthcare facilities

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Industry and services

Ensuring a clean working environment and protecting the health of employees

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Disinfection home environment as an essential part of protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores

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Schools, school canteens, children's clubs

A safe and clean environment in which children spend most of their day.

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Other uses of oxymedic products
The use


This is a unique product usable in medical, school or industrial facilities and thanks to its properties it is also the best choice for households

Contains no alcohol or chemicals

Does not irritate eyes or respiratory system

Eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores



Frequently asked questions

Thanks to their biological ingredients, Oxymedic products are also suitable and gentle for children's skin, they do not irritate the eyes or respiratory tract. The efficacy and gentleness of Oxymedic products have been demonstrated by laboratory and routine testing.

An e-shop is available to consumers for the purchase of a broad-spectrum natural disinfection of the Oxymedic brand.


Children's pediatrician

Nowadays, where we really have to disinfect surfaces after every patient, its strong fragrances would disrupt the course of the surgery heavily. We do not have this problem at all with Oxymedic products and our clinic has a pleasant atmosphere thanks to its neutral scent.

Mom on maternity leave

These days, when I disinfect my hands outside several times a day, I had the exact problem with other products, which, thank goodness, I no longer have now. My hands are not so dry, I don't have eczema and after disinfection I don't have to hide them from my baby until it ‘dries out’.

Building manager

Before Oxymedic, we used conventional disinfectants - but after daily application in the hallways and on the stairway, people began to complain of headaches, or their pets did not want to enter the freshly disinfected elevator. This problem was eliminated from day to day after Oxymedic use.

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